Genesis Vs GeneratePress : Which should I buy?

WordPress has millions of themes in its directory.

Choosing among them can be a tough task and becomes more tough if those are GeneratePress and Genesis .

Unlike popular belief, appearance is not the only purpose of a WordPress theme. A well-developed WordPress theme has a massive impact on SEO.✅

A well made WordPress theme follows the latest development guidelines and is SEO compliant. All these things matter when choosing a theme for your blog.

Since the last decade, GeneratePress and Genesis’s themes have been the
top themes recommended by the WordPress community.Both frameworks are known for their customization, speed, and performances.

and Genesis’s frameworks are similar to each other, and hence, it makes it very difficult to choose between the two. 

So in this article, we will compare both these premium WordPress themes by the features they provide. We will also examine the features that are most important for a user and then score both the frameworks accordingly.

Before we compare them, head to head lets, have an overview of GeneratePress and Genesis individually.

GeneratePress Lightweight Features

The GeneratePress framework is developed by Tom Usborne, a WordPress developer from Canada. GeneratePress is a very popular, Freemium WordPress theme.

GeneratePress aims to achieve the highest speed and a theme that is easy to set up.Best theme if you are a freelancer and want to saves your time.Here is article to know best alternatives to fiverr.

The theme itself is lightweight and can easily be set up on any hosting without asking for too many resources. GeneratePress offers two versions, entirely free one, and second is a premium theme that extends the theme by offering more customization options.

GeneratePress has over 1.8 million downloads and over 1,00,000+ active installs. It is one of the highest-rated themes with over 700+ 5 star ratings. GeneratePress has over 40,000 happy customers 😊, so yes, it is a theme that is popular with WordPress users.

GeneratePress Site Library

GeneratePress sitelibrary

GeneratePress not only offers you a framework but now offers you 25+ premade templates for your website.

These premade templates are under

Appearance > GeneratePress > Site Library

The site-templates can easily be installed on your website without many efforts. All you have to do is select a pre-made template and install it.

GeneratePress Sitetemplates-settings

Once you click on the “Backup Options,” all the CSS settings will be saved as a text file, which you can later copy-paste in the theme customizer. Then button turns into “Import Options,” and the process of changing your theme begins.All your customizer settings will be replaced by the new default settings.

After that, the demo posts and pages will be uploaded, and then your website will be ready to use.Overall GeneratePress offers you 25+ site templates to help you get started quickly. The process is one click, and not much is required from the user’s end.

GeneratePress Modular Settings

GeneratePress gives you options to select the services you truly need.

This option helps you reduce the number of requests the theme has to make. This option affects the loading speed of your blog.

GeneratePress Modular Settings
You can select the options you truly need. This helps the theme to remain light-weight and helps in reducing the loading speeds.

GeneratePress Elements

GeneratePress elements were introduced In GeneratePress 1.7. With the addition of GeneratePress Elements, it replaced Page Header and GP hooks.  

GeneratePress Elements

With GeneratePress Elements, you can add the following with minimal efforts:

  1. Header
  2. Hook
  3. Layout 

Each element within it has tons of options for you to choose from. You can set custom display rules to control where the element is displayed.

This helps you customise your blog with the custom layout without playing around too much with the theme core files.

To help you with GeneratePress Elements, you can read the documentation on the official GeneratePress page.

Best Features:

  1. In just a few clicks, you can import demo sites and get started with your website in no time.
  2. You can easily customize the colour scheme of your site.
  3. Choose from thousands of Google Fonts for your web site
  4. Take control of the typography of your website.
  5. The navigation menu has the option to be sticky,slide-out, or a simple hamburger menu.
  6. The website’s header can be fully customized. From layouts to logo placements, everything can be customized.
  7. Blog posts can be displayed in columns, grids, or masonry.
  8. The background can be customized from the customization menu.
  9. Secondary nav allows you to showcase a second menu with the same customization options as the primary menu.
  10. Customize your footer with your copyright text without the need to dig into theme files.
  11. Woocommerce is natively supported and ready to use.
  12. Sections can be used to build unique layouts.
  13. Hooks can be used to change the layout of the website without editing hundreds of code lines.
  14. Easily import and export settings from one WordPress website to others.


GeneratePress has slightly less in-built SEO options compared to Genesis.

Genesis Overview

Genesis Features

Genesis framework was developed by Studiopress, a WordPress themes, and plugins developer agency. Genesis themes are considered one of the most well-designed themes.

Genesis themes are Gutenberg ready, plus they provide a child theme that helps you develop your WordPress websites that much faster.

Themes built on Genesis are fast, secure, and SEO friendly.

To use Genesis themes, you need a parent Genesis Framework and a child theme. So you have to purchase both the Framework and StudioPress child theme.When you use a child theme, you need not worry about the updates that Genesis makes. Your customizations will remain intact.

Genesis SEO Settings

Genesis framework comes with inbuilt SEO settings. These SEO settings will automatically disable themselves when other SEO plugins are active.

If you don’t see an SEO settings tab, you probably have an active SEO plugin.

Genesis SEO plugin is feature packed and allows you to optimize your current page and homepage for search engines.

Checkout the features in the screenshot below,

Genesis for SEO

It has the following settings that you can choose from:

  1. Document Title
  2. Homepage
  3. Document Head
  4. Indexing Archiving
  5. Directories

Let’s go through each setting in brief.

Document Title

The “Document Title” option allows you to customize the way the pages are shown on Google.

Genesis Document

It allows you to add a Title Separator and allows you to customize the Document Title Order.

It is preferred to keep the additions to the right.


The basic settings in this tab help you customize the Primary Title H1 and Homepage Document Title.

Primary Title H1 is an essential metric in Google to help you rank for your site title.

This setting also helps you add a meta description. There is an added option to add meta keywords. You can choose to deindex, no follow or a no archive to the homepage.

Here is a screenshot of the settings we have discussed,

Genesis Homepage

Document Head

WordPress by defaults ads, several tags that are of no importance in SEO. For example, Windows Live Write support tag. Unless you use Windows Live Writer services this tag has no relevance.

You can easily disable tags like these in this SEO tab.

Genesis Document Head

If you don’t know the meaning or the use of specific tags, it is preferred you leave it blank, so that you don’t lose your settings or worse break your blog.


This SEO option is needed only if you are a developer or you need to deindex a particular page.

It adds a “noindex” tag to pages you select. Which means Google bots will not crawl these pages and will not appear in Google.

Genesis Indexing

Tick mark the pages which you do want to appear in Google.

Please be careful with these settings as it can affect your Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) position.


The “noarchive” tag tells Google not to store a cached copy of your page. This helps site owners to prevent Google from showing a cached version of your site in search results.

You can choose which pages you add this tag too.

Genesis archiving


In this tab you get to add two tags: “noodp” and “noydir”.

Noodp: No Open Directory Project
Noydir: No Yahoo Directory

These tags tell Open Directory and Yahoo bots to not crawl your site. It helps your site to not come up in the Open Directory and Yahoo search results.

These tags are useful when you have an old or an outdated listing that no longer applies.You have an option to add this tag to the entire site.

Genesis Directories

As you can see, the SEO settings inbuilt in Genesis are feature-packed and helps you chose options that fit your SEO requirements.

In terms of SEO customizations, Genesis provides you with a ton of options.

Go ahead and check out the Genesis Framework.

Genesis Child Themes

Unlike GeneratePress, Genesis does not offer any pre-made templates.

Instead, StudioPress develops its child themes and sells them. The themes made by StudioPress are clean coded and polished.

Here, have a look.

Genesis Themes

Genesis child themes are not included in the framework package.

They are supposed to be bought separately.

With a combo package, you can buy the theme+framework for $130.The pricing details are discussed in detail further in the post.

Popular Third Party Genesis Theme Developers:

  • Zigzagpress
  • Web Savvy Marketing
  • Restored 316 Designs
  • The Pixelista
  • Pretty Darn Cute Design
  • Themedy

Sure there are third party Genesis themes, but most of them cost you money. So, all in all, you have to shell out at least a $100 from your pocket to use Genesis as your framework.

Best Features

  1. The ultimate add-on options help you manage your website with just a few clicks.
  2. StudioPress has developed custom page templates to get the desired look your website needs.
  3. In the “customizer,” there are tons of theme settings that you can choose from in real-time.
  4. Genesis comes with content widgets that can be edited with a featured post or a page. 
  5. Choose according to the overall look for your website.
  6. Add sections to the header with ease.Genesis theme is optimized for mobiles, and hence, it is perfectly optimized for every browser, device, and mobiles.


  1. The theme file size is big compared to GeneratePress.
  2. No in-built advanced customization.

How To Choose Between GeneratePress and Genesis?

From the overview of both frameworks, it would have become quite clear that both GeneratePress and Genesis are very similar.

So choosing between the two is tough.

To make it easier for you, we have compared the most important factors that a blogger needs in a WordPress theme.

From reading hundreds of WordPress themes, we have concluded that a WordPress theme must excel at the following things,

  1. Performance and Speed
  2. Ease Of Use
  3. Pricing

These are the features that most bloggers need in their WordPress themes. So by comparing these features head to head, you can choose which framework suits you the best.

Let’s begin the comparison: GeneratePress vs Genesis

Performance And Speed

Speeds are vital for a WordPress blog. About 40% of users will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 secs to load. Moreover, loading speeds depend on the hosting as well the theme your blog uses.

To measure the performance and loading speed of a WordPress blog, we set a demo blog and installed both GeneratePress and Genesis framework.

We then ran the site through a tool called GtMetrix and scores the webpage by the requests and time taken to load the webpage.

Here are the results,

When using GeneratePress, these are results,

GeneratePress speed result

Pretty fast, eh?

Also,checkout performance scores for Genesis,

Genesis speed result

From the above scores, GeneratePress wins but marginally. Genesis loaded 0.2 secs slower than GeneratePress and required seven more requests.

Also, the page size was much smaller for GeneratePress as compared to Genesis.

So overall, according to GtMetrix, GeneratePress wins at performance and speed but marginally.

Ease Of Use

Everybody prefers a tool that is easy to use. No one likes to scratch the head every time they want to use the tool.

Same with WordPress themes, they have to be user-friendly. It should be easy to customize your theme with minimal efforts.

Let’s compare the ease with which we can customize our blogs with GeneratePress and Genesis frameworks.

GeneratePress Customization is much more potent than Genesis. With GeneratePress, you can easily customize every part of your site.

GeneratePress is loaded with various options to customize but still is very user-friendly.

GeneratePress customization

Genesis customization is similar to GeneratePress.However, it is limited. Moreover, you may have to install plugins to use the full power of Genesis.

Genesis customization

You may need the following plugins to customize Genesis framework themes completely,

  • CSS Hero
  • Genesis Responsive Menu
  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce
  • Genesis Simple Edits
  • Genesis Simple Hooks
  • Genesis Custom Footers 

Due to the use of several plugins to customize your site, the settings are scattered all over the place, making it hard to navigate and use the framework.


The business models of both GeneratePress and Genesis are quite different.

Here we compare the pricing of both the frameworks side by side.

GeneratePress – Pricing

GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress is a freemium theme with the added option to upgrade to a premium version.

The premium features and addons cost $49.95 for one year. It gives you full access to the site-library. You are free to use it on unlimited websites. Plus you get updates for one year.

And after one year, you are eligible for a 40% renewal discount.

A 30-day money-back guarantee protects the pricing module, so rest assured if you think GeneratePress is not for you, you can ask for a refund.


Genesis Pricing

The basic Genesis Framework costs $59.95 with lifetime access to updates. You can use this framework on unlimited websites.

However, with this, you will also have to buy a child theme. The child themes from Studiopress have lifetime access to updates also.

If your requirements are high or you are a developer you can opt for the Pro Plus Membership which costs $499.96

It includes lifetime updates, and you can download all the themes that StudioPress develops.

With this pricing model, you can save up to $1200!

Comparison In A Glance

This table will help you compare the top two frameworks: GeneratePress and Genesis in a glance.















Many Options


SEO Options


Many Options


Very Easy






$49.95 per year

$59.95 Lifetime (without a child theme)


If you consider the pricing, Genesis costs approx $60 for a lifetime, but the cost is without the theme. So if you think about the effective price, it is $130 (framework+theme) for a lifetime.

Hence if you want an easy to customize and a high-performing framework that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, we would suggest you try out GeneratePress.

GeneratePress is a proven framework that is easy to use and helps you design unique layouts for your website.

With $50, you get a yearly update to themes and the framework.

Genesis, on the other hand, is short on customizations and needs plugins to customize it. Genesis needs you to know to code. For example, the logo image in the header is not responsive on mobile and requires a custom CSS code to make it responsible.

Hope this comparison between GeneratePress vs Genesis helped you choose the right framework for you.

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