What happened to Dinosaurs | A short recap

  • 250 million years ago: The first dinosaurs evolve during the Triassic period.
  • 230 million years ago: The first known dinosaur, Eoraptor, appears in the fossil record.
  • 150 million years ago: The Jurassic period begins, and some of the most iconic dinosaurs, such as the Stegosaurus and the Brachiosaurus, evolve.
  • 100 million years ago: The Cretaceous period begins, and dinosaurs continue to diversify and dominate the land.
  • 65 million years ago: The Cretaceous period ends, and the last non-avian dinosaurs become extinct, possibly due to an asteroid impact.
  • 1859: The first dinosaur species is scientifically described by Richard Owen.
  • 1970s: A “dinosaur renaissance” occurs as new discoveries and technologies shed light on the biology and behavior of dinosaurs.
  • 1990s: The discovery of feathered dinosaurs in China provides strong evidence for the link between dinosaurs and birds.
  • Present day: Paleontologists continue to discover new dinosaur species and study their evolution, biology, and behavior.

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