French Revolution | A short recap

  • 1789: The Estates-General is called to address France’s financial crisis. The Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly and adopts the Tennis Court Oath. Storming of the Bastille on July 14th.
  • 1791: The Constitution of 1791 is adopted, creating a constitutional monarchy. The royal family attempts to flee France but is captured and returned to Paris.
  • 1792: The National Convention is called and the monarchy is abolished. Louis XVI is executed. The Committee of Public Safety is established and Maximilien Robespierre becomes its leader.
  • 1793: France declares war on Great Britain, the Dutch Republic, and Spain. The Reign of Terror begins, with thousands of people executed as enemies of the revolution.
  • 1794: Robespierre is executed, ending the Reign of Terror. The Thermidorian Reaction takes place, leading to the establishment of the Directory.
  • 1795: The Constitution of 1795 is adopted, creating a bicameral legislature and a five-member Directory as the executive branch.
  • 1799: Napoleon Bonaparte overthrows the Directory in a coup d’etat, establishing the Consulate and becoming its first consul.

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