WPX Hosting Black Friday 2020- 95% discount

Trust me Speed of your website is an essential factor in its overall success.

First, the loading time of any website, be it a blog, online store, or magazine site, determines whether web users will visit and stay on your page. 

For example, a study shows that if a site takes more than 3seconds to load, 57% of visitors will abandon the site. 

Even more, 80% of people who leave the website will never return to that site. Also, top conversion rate sites are usually those with faster speeds.

To be specific, WPX hosting is the fastest WordPress hosting available online.

It also has one of the best customer’s support. Yet, it is not cheap. So, you should take this offer while it is available.

We would give you a piece of detailed information about WPX hosting later. For now, take a good look at the WPX hosting deals.

wpx hosting dashboard


Regular Price

Black Friday Discount



$1.24/Month or 3Months free



$1.24/Month or 3Months free



$1.24/Month or 3Months free


  • 95% OFF on Monthly Billing 

For Cyber Monday/ Black Friday, WPX Hosting discounts the first of any monthly payment. However, this promo is only for new purchase services and does not apply to a previous purchase. 

Even more, only the first-month charge reduces by 95%. Subsequently, the user will have to pay the regular price indicated for each plan, as shown above. Also, refunds on payment of the Black Friday discounts on WPX hosting is not possible because the amount paid is too small.  

3 Months Free WPX Hosting with Annual Billing Option

WPX hosting gives buyers two months of free service for any annual plan purchased. Albeit, this special WPX Hosting black Friday deal gives subscribers THREE months of free service. 

Please note that these free months are from the 12 months of subscription, and not three extra months, adding up to 15 months. Further, a full refund is available for this WPX hosting annual deal if the subscriber requests for it within 30 days of purchase. 

Which WPX Hosting Black Friday Plan you should choose?

If you have a ton of experience in website hosting, you can move on to the next subheading. Yet, for those who want to know what plan would suit them most, read on. 

For starters or novice blog owners, we recommend you take the business plan. It allows you to host five websites (which may be too much for you), provides 100GB bandwidth and 10GB storage. For you (novice), this is luxury at a low price. 

The professional plan offers more than twice the provision of the business plan. That implies that for those who need more websites to host, you can host a maximum of 15 sites. More so, you have 20GB of storage and 200GB bandwidth. 

For blog owners with high traffic and large-sized posts, you belong to the elite group. Thus, an elite plan will serve you excellently. This plan allows you to host up to 35 websites, and it also offers 40GB of storage. The best part? It comes with unlimited bandwidth to suit your traffic.

How to activate WPX Hosting Black Friday deal?

Step 1: Click here to activate the WPX Hosting Black Friday discount

Step 2: Select the plan you that best suits you, from Business, Professional, and Elite by clicking on “Get started.”

Step 3: Choose the hosting location of either “Host in the US” or “Host in the UK.”

Step 4: Provide your existing domain name, or you can choose a new domain name. Click “Proceed.”

Step 5: Select a billing cycle (You can save up to a hundred dollars, or more on the yearly plan)

Step 6: If you have a coupon code, provide it. Else, move to the next step.

Final step: Click on a payment method, fill in your details, and select “Check out.”

Reasons for Choosing WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal

Optimized WordPress Hosting

  • Almost every other hosting provider allows users to rent spaces on a shared host that has different types of sites. As a result, your page may become slow to load and unreliable. In contrast, WPX hosting optimizes its servers for WordPress. Thus, your WordPress site will, as you have guessed, perform excellently at a faster pace. 

  • Furthermore, this hosting service, unlike its competitors, has a working relationship with a WordPress Plugin called W3 Total Cache. The plugin also does an excellent job of improving page loading time. Precisely, your website can load as fast as between 0.7 to 2 seconds.

Free Secure Sockets layer (SSL) Service Integration

  • Almost every other hosting provider allows users to rent spaces on a shared host that has different types of sites. As a result, your page may become slow to load and unreliable. In contrast, WPX hosting optimizes its servers for WordPress. Thus, your WordPress site will, as you have guessed, perform excellently at a faster pace. 

  • Namecheap SSL, one of the cheapest you can find, has its prices starting at $8.88 for one domain name per year, and getting up to $169 per year. Imagine you have four WordPress installations that will be $35.52 annual savings. Although small, you can do the calculation for higher SSL certifications, and it will amaze you.

  • WPX Hosting is the ideal solution for a free and clean SSL integration. It also provides SSL certification for free. Thus, an excellent reason the WPX Hosting Black Friday discount is worth picking 

More Reasons

Free Domain Privacy Registration

Another reason you should choose the Black Friday WPX Hosting deal is because of the free WhoIS privacy registration.

WPX Hosting went the extra mile to provide a free WhoIS privacy registration with your domain name.

Without that, when a user searches for the WhoIS information on a public domain name, vital details on the individual who registered the domain name will come up. Some of these details are the full name, address, phone number, and other useful information.

However, with this privacy setup, only general information about the registration company will be available for anyone who looks up for your domain name via WhoIS. Thus, keeping your privacy protected at no extra cost. 

​Improved Blog Speed

  • WPX Hosting uses a custom cloud distribution platform equipped with 25 endpoints across numerous regions across the globe. This WPX cloud is responsible for allowing pages to load within the shortest time frame.

In the introductory part of this article, we made highlights on how speed affects the overall performance of a website. Do not take it lightly. First, the website loading pace is a determining factor for SEO ranking. Slow loading time will see your site far away from the first page on any search engine result. Well, even a novice blogger will know what this (not appearing at the first page of the search result) will cost any website owner.  

More, faster webpages translate into better traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased profits for the admin. More so, even if your competitor has a better post, google will rank your pages higher because of your lower bounce rate. 

​Other Reasons

​Top Brand and Blogs use WPX Hosting

  • One way of becoming a top blog is by doing what the best blogs do. It is no more news that notable websites use WPX WordPress Hosting. Its speed, privacy, and other benefits, which we will later share, are some of the reasons. So, for a novice blogger or a pro blogger who wants more traffic, you do not wish to use any other hosting solution than the one your best competitor uses. 

Another recommendation from the renowned blogger and entrepreneur, Adam Connel, was that the best WP Hosting solution is WPX Hosting. Yet, the most iconic part of that post was the “Buy WPX Hosting (use your affiliate link in this quotation)” at the end of the article. Online Dimes, Thrive Theme, to mention only a few, also recommends this skyrocketing WP Hosting solution. So, why not grab the WPX Hosting Black Friday deal (use affiliate link here)?

​Recommendations from experts

  • Today, anyone can post anything on the web. Whether those posts are real or not, most people can prove. As a result, a good number of internet users do not trust most reviews. Well, we want to advise you not to believe it yet. However, when you see an expert from the blogging and entrepreneurship field recommend a Hosting solution as excellent, you can trust his/her judgements. More so, because we only provide you with verified information as well, so, you can believe every word written in this article. 

    Albeit, we would assume you don’t trust us yet, the award-winning marketing blog expert, Matthew Woodward, recommends this excellent web hosting solution. Even more, Enstine Muki and other experts suggest the WPX Hosting solution. 

Best features of WPX hosting Black Friday Deal

Malware removal

WPX Hosting provides free automatic malware scanning on all its plans. Upon any malware detection, some hired security staff will take the necessary actions required to remove such malware at no cost.

You will appreciate this feature if you know how other solutions respond to the malware on your site. Many may charge a fee to remove the malware. However, others will advise you to hire an expert or agency, and not help you at all.

99.95% Uptime

WPX Hosting provides 99.5% uptime on all its plans. Although, the uptime for the best WPX hosting is usually between 99 to 99.99 per cent. So, while WPX Hosting is not the best in this category, it is far better than most and only a little short from the #1 position. 

When it comes to online business, every minute counts, and you will want to be live at every possible time to grab all the available customers. 99.95% uptime translates into 525,337 minutes of 525,600 minutes in a year, and 263 minutes of downtime.

However, although this solution guarantees a 99.95% uptime, many users record a 99.99% uptime on websites hosted by the software. So, you can reconsider putting WPX Hosting on the #1 position for uptime irrespective of what percentage they guarantee. 

Simple User Interface:

  • Although sophisticated, WPX Hosting comes with a simple GUI that anyone can understand and fully utilize. 

Screenshot_2020-03-03 Honest WPX Hosting Review (2020) - Worth The Price

Unlimited CDN bandwidth

This feature is another excellent option WPX Hosting offers that puts it above its competitors. The explanation may be confusing for a non-tech savvy blog owner at first, but if you read carefully, you will understand. 

On its cheapest plan, WPX Hosting offers a 100GB bandwidth. Yet, even if your website has over 100,000 visits, the monthly bandwidth usage is as small as less than 15GB.

Confusing right? Well, the solution does not have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) bandwidth limit. 

As a result, the bandwidth usage is a resultant of the server to the CDN, not directly to the end-user (you). 

More so, the CDN ensures that the WPX cloud saves all your static files. The cloud then distributes these files to visitors across the globe. Thus, acting as a secondary server and saving space on your bandwidth.

Free Email Service:

All WPX Hosting plans allow you to send and receive emails using the address associated with the website domain name.

So, upon setup, you can also choose to get or send emails on personal email accounts. Additionally, this solution allows users to migrate webmail account to the WPX webmail for free.

This option is another exceptional feature for WPX Hosting, as no other competitor offers webmail for free.

Besides, the closest offer from the competition is the $11.88 annual payment for just one email account and 2GB maximum storage Namecheap offers. Conversely, WPX Hosting offers unlimited email account for free and allows users to choose the storage space for each email address. 

The best part? WPX Hosting email comes with a “catch-all” option. Catch-all allows you to deliver and receive emails from all addresses associated with a domain name.

This feature is another reason that this Black Friday discount for WPX Hosting is a good deal.

DDoS protection:

DDoS attacks is a scary cyber threat any web owner should prepare to battle. To add on, even the big names in the online industries have had their share of this frustration. Some incidents include BBC DDoS web attack, Pokemon Go massive DDoS attacks

Unlike so many other competitors, the WPX Hosting provides free Enterprise-level DDoS protection to all WPX Hosting customers.

This security, powered by Incapsula’s protection service, a leading DDoS security provider, is one standout feature of this solution. That is because Imperva (owned by Incapsula’s) DDoS protection kills the most significant attacks speedily without disrupting or incurring latency with legitimate users.

Also, because the DDoS protection is always on, it automatically detects and mitigates application layer threat attacks targeting your website or web applications. 

The service works in three steps: Deployment, Mitigation, and Analytics. When deployed, Imperva becomes a proxy for all incoming traffic.

Hence, application traffic redirects through their scrubbing centres, whereas network traffic reroutes through a BGP route advertisement change. 

Then, the service cross-verifies signature, behavioural data, and reputation- Automatically identifying DDoS requests in-app layer traffic. Network layer DDoS patterns drop outside your network, enabling minimal latency and legitimate traffic flow. 

Overall, the DDoS protection provides 3-second mitigation, high capacity network, minimal latency, full attack visibility, and 24/7 Global NOC.

Screenshot_2020-03-03 DDoS Protection Instant Activation 3-Second SLA Imperva

Benefits of WPX hosting Black Friday Deal

Free migration

If you already have a WordPress website, WPX Hosting allows free unlimited migrations for all your websites. Still, the number of sites you can move is dependent on your hosting plan. Specifically, the Business plan allows you to move up to five websites.

While on the Professional package, you can move up to 15 sites. 

Unlike WPX Hosting, other solutions offer free migration from the selected host or charge a fee for the movement. This hosting service does not have such restrictions.

More so, migration of sites with WPX Hosting only requires you to send a request. Then, specific professional staff of the organization will handle your request for free. 

Further, WPX Hosting offers a free email migration as well. It also permits the installation of custom modules like INT, SOAP, IonCube, etc. Lastly, the solution allows you to request for custom cron job setup after migration.

Daily backups

WPX Hosting automatically backs up all your websites daily. Also, they securely keep the backups in a separate server for as long as 28 days.

The solution provides a backup tool that helps you to access the backup system at any time. It also allows you to restore a previous version and also save a version manually. 

Manually saved backups, called personal backup, are only available within 24 hours. However, you can choose to cache it off-site. 

It is worth mentioning that almost every other WP hosting provider offers less than what this organization makes available.

For a start, many provide only 14 days backup and 5 to 10 manual backups. Others give a higher number of backups, up to 40, but exclude specific tools data and directories from the backup, which WPX Hosting provides. 

Excellent Support:

As a website owner, the speed at which you get support from your host is highly essential. Interestingly, one crucial factor that distinguishes between an excellent or poor hosting provider is their customer support. 

WPX Hosting has the best support in the market. Its unique “37-second” support feature guarantees a maximum of 37 seconds response time on their live chat.

Moreover, it has a “Fixed for You” option that promises to provide an offline version of your website at any time, even if you completely messed up your site. 

  1. 30 days Money-back guarantee:
  2. Easy Dashboard Management
  3. SFTP/FTP Access Area
  4. No disallowed plugins.

FAQ Related To WPX Hosting Black Friday 2019 Offer

What is the WPX Hosting Black Friday deal?

WPX Hosting Black Friday Discount offers a 95% discount on the first-month subscription or three months free hosting on all plans if you choose the annual billing method.

How can I get the WPX Hosting Black Friday deal 2020?

To grab WPX hosting Black Friday discount, click on this link to activate the special discount.

​Does WPX Hosting have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Like every excellent service provider, this hosting platform offers a 30-days return policy that will see you get a full refund if you do not like the service.

​When will the WPX Hosting Black Friday deal 2020 end?

Well, we cannot give a precise answer to this question, as it could do so at any time. We advise you to grab the offer now- while it is available quickly.

Where does WPX Hosting rank among the best WPX Hosting service?

On renowned rating sites, WPX Hostings ranks as the best WordPress Hosting service. For example, the WPX TrustPilot rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

​Is the WPX Hosting Black Friday discount worth it?

Simple answer, yes! WPX provides the best hosting service in the market. Yet, the price might not enable you to get all its benefits. Now, this discount allows you to improve your website, why not grab the offer now.

​Does WPX Hosting offer a free trial?

Yes! It offers up to three months for free if you grab the Black Friday deal.

​Final Words

The quest to improve website traffic, conversion rate, and credibility is a tough one. However, excellent Hosting service can significantly reduce the burden. There are many hosting providers in the market, but WPX Hosting trumps them all. The only drawback this solution has is its expensive plans. 

However, upon closer examination, we found out that WPX is not pricey. That is because each plan provides a lot of free services, which requires extra payment on competitor hosting services. Even more, some of these services are not available on competitor hosting platforms. 

Overall, for its price, WPX Hosting provides you with an excellent value you do not want to miss. So, grab the WPX Black Friday deal to save more money for a higher gain.